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Producer Sakano's LiveJournal

10th September, 2003. 11:10 am. 2 TB of Pink, 9 Asprin

{work friends only: fujisaki, hiroshi_kun, mister_k, shuiichi, and, for a limited time only!: tohma_seguchi}

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to let you know that I am going to need some alone time in my office from now until 3PM. I have a lot of work to finish up, and as much as I like to see everyone, I do need some time of silent concentration to pull some tour details together.

I know we are all working hard to arrange music to the wonderful lyrics that we have, and I have no doubt that you are making great progress. Remember that your professional honor is riding on this tour, and that the songs you write now will determine if you are successful, or the one hit wonder that the press claims you are going to be.

No pressure! Have fun!

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3rd September, 2003. 11:41 am. Three TB of Pink, Six Asprin

{Friends Only: fujisaki, hiroshi_kun, mister_k, shuiichi}

This week we are going to work on arranging the wonderful lyrics that Shuiichi worked so hard on. At the end of the week, I hope to present the new music to Tohma so that we can finalize the tour dates and times.

"Bad Luck's" first SOLO tour. Who would have ever thought we would see the day!

Keep up the good work all, I know that we've all been working hard, but remember there is a lot of compition out there, and we can never forget that.

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3rd September, 2003. 11:37 am. Bad Luck Grand Tour

Hello Everyone!

"Bad Luck" will soon be going on tour. I cannot yet release the dates, times or places of the tour, but soon "Bad Luck" will be touring with our hit single and some all new music!

Hope to see you there!

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20th August, 2003. 11:19 am. Four TB of Pink, Five Asprin, Breathing in a Bag

{Friends only: Mister K, Bad Luck}

Oh dear god. How did this all get away from me! I have a meeting with Tohma THIS AFTERNOON-do you know what I have for him?

Do you?


Mister K, I never though I would say this to you, but get your gun, and get the kiddies and get them in my office RIGHT AWAY!

I need something to give Tohma-or we a ruined at NG records!

I am going to the bathroom. If everyone isn't in my office by the time I get back I'll. . .I don't kno

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15th August, 2003. 11:35 am. Three TB of Pink

[Friends only:fujisaki, hiroshi_kun, mister_k, shuiichi]


The end of the day is the deadline to record a new song! We must prove to Tohma that we are making progress!

Please, lets work hard today!

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14th August, 2003. 9:38 am. One TB of Pink

[Friends only:fujisaki, hiroshi_kun, mister_k, shuiichi]]
Good Morning!

Tohma has insisted in excellent attendance and performance. Although I have no doubt that we are one of the best bands in Japan today, we must, we MUST perform up to the standards of NJ records.

Therefore I have decided to set some performance goals. I know that creativity cannot be rushed, but we have been moving slowly for quite some time. Now is the time for alacrity.

Therefore, by the end of tomorrow, I would like to have a new song to present to Tohma as proof of Bad Lucks hard work, and proof that we can handle a tour.

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11th August, 2003. 1:40 pm. Whispers

[Friends Only]

I'm sitting in my office right now, going over accomidations for the Band on the possible (yet not inevitable) tour, and I can hear whispering in the office next door.

If anyone talks at regular volume, I can always hear it, so I know they must be whispering because all I can here are muttered voices.

I wonder what they are talking about. I wonder if they are talking about me! I hope I haven't done anything to merit this kind of behavior. I wonder if I'm getting fired. Oh no! My honor rests on my work! What would mother say?!?!?!

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30th June, 2003. 5:50 pm. Record Signing?

[Friends Only: fujisaki, hiroshi_kun, mister_k, shuiichi]

Hey everyone,

I got a call from one of the folks at Tower Tokyo Records and they were very upset with me. I promised them an exclusive signing from "Bad Luck" on the release of your single, and they said they heard a rumor that "Bad Luck" had a signing in a little record store up in Koyoto.

They were very rude.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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26th June, 2003. 1:19 pm. Record of Events


I'm writing this here because the computer records the date and time posted, in case it ever comes to court, in case I ever have to prove what I was thinking while all this was, is, happening.

It's private, because I don't know if I'm right, I have no evidence, just some circumstantal pieces of a puzzle I can't fully see.

I think that Shuichii is in an a abusive relationship with Eiri-San, the popular novelist and Shuichii's lover. My reasons for this are simple; Shuichii is often driven to distraction and depression by the actions of his lover, he often complains that Eiri-San is cruel and mean, and one day he came to work with bruises all over his body. He didn't say what happened, but I know abused people seldom do.

Shuichii is not a violent young man, he has no enemies that I know of, and so the only conclusion that I can come to is that Eiri-San beat him. From my few encounters with Eiri-San I have found him to be cruel and uncaring and, I believe, fully capable of that kind of violence.

I'm not sure what to do, what actions I should take, these are two adult men, and I don't have any place inbetween them. Yet part of me has visions of the bruises that weren't covered by his clothes, the limp he walked with, visions that make me wonder if the future holds visions of pink hair and blood, pale skin in brackish water, of static faces on the news.

Damn me. I pretend that I won't get involved because I have no say, but every man has his own actions, his own words, his own honor. I am silent because the kind of publicity we need is not the kind that leads to court, and I am here to make "Bad Luck" successful and I'm willing to let anyone suffer to do it.

That includes me.

I'm freezing this moment, and then moving forward.

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23rd June, 2003. 8:05 am. One TB of Pink

Important Day Today

Today we have a record signing at "Tower Tokyo" from 3PM to 5PM.

I got it all squared away with the higher-ups, and today for two hours you get to greet your public at one of the biggest record stores in Japan!

You won't be expected to play or sing or anything, just to come and be yourself and sign some records for your fans.

I just hope that all of you can make it because I sort of promised the nice folks at Tower Tokyo that you would all be there and if you are not there is going to be quite a lot of explaining to do on my part because we only got this signing because we pomised them an exclusive appearance of the whole band at their record store only and if it goes wrong we won't be invited back!

I bought Sharpies!

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